Bits & Bobs

Cool extracts from past projects

Digital Touch Prototyping

Building and testing a golf posture touch experience prototype for a joint research paper by UCL & Loughborough University

AR Experience Prototyping

User experience prototyping possible AR experiences for a personal investment and stock trading platform. Using the combination of digital and physical mediums to add intentional friction at key points of the user journey.

UXathon - Best Prototype Winner

Winning group in a UXathon event which involved acting as a remote design consultancy for Master's students at Hong Kong University's business lab. The event was supported with mentorship from Deloitte digital.

Ideation Exploration

An example of some of the product ideation sketches and exploration done for my upcoming Cortex project.

Smoking Cessation
Product Prototyping

Showcasing my experience with multiple physical prototyping techniques such as foam modelling, 3D printing and electronics. All the 3D prints were designed and printed by me on my personal Prusa MK3S printer.