User Centred Design Engineer

A 12-month internship where I joined the Research, Innovation & Advanced Development team (RAID) at SharkNinja’s design studio in central London. A new, internal UCD team created to identify future facing opportunities while solving user needs in domestic kitchens for the Ninja kitchenware & appliance brand.

Main Roles

In home User Research & Testing


Ideation & Concept Visualisation

Experience Mapping

Technical Prototyping


Released Products

Ninja Foodi
Nutrient Extractor

For Ninja Nutrient Extractor I aided in persona and market fit synthesis from previously collected data, worked on ideation, key visualisation for in home research as well as extensive development on technical, experience and industrial design prototypes that were used in further A/B testing in Boston.

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Ninja Foodi
Smart Indoor Grill

For the Ninja Foodi Smart Indoor grill my key roles focused on ideation and and concept visualisation, experience prototyping and then use of those experience prototypes in in-home research in London as well as aiding further in-home research conducted in Boston.

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Ninja Cold Press
Juice Pro

For the Ninja Cold press juice pro I was involved in intial research synthesis, ideation and concept visualisation.

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Ninja Pro
Kitchen System

For development of the Ninja Pro, I was involved in ideation and concept visualisation as well as creating several in depth technical + experience prototypes which were then used in A/B in home research in the UK and US.

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Confidential Work

Due to the nature of my role and the team I worked in during my time at SharkNinja the above released products only represent roughly 1/3 of what I worked on during my internship. Many of the core projects I was heavily involved in are still under confidential development as they lie in ambitious, future facing product categories and user experiences.


While at SharkNinja, our team won an internal competition for best new product, from which we chose to invest our personal bonuses back into purchasing 3D printing equipment that allowed faster prototyping on future company projects.